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Take The Stage is excited to announce our brand new agency, focusing on young performers with an aim to represent a diverse range of individuals for films, tv series, theatre, touring productions, commercials,  music videos and catalogues.

We are looking for a unique selection of young performers from across the UK & Europe who are ready to enter this fast paced industry with a bang. Using our experience in the industry we will use our expertise to push for diversity in casting and to make sure that all our clients in our agency get an opportunity to be seen. 

We’re not looking for the most experienced performers, we're looking for performers that light up a room, performers whose confidence will make them stand out, performers whose passion and drive is at the forefront of their repertoire and whose talent is only seconds to their presence. 

Our performers will need to be as at home on stage as they are in front of a camera, but we will be offering workshops around the UK to help performers improve audition techniques. However with every audition our performers will get more and more comfortable and so we want to send all our performers out on audition as much as possible. 

This industry exists to thrive outside of London and we want to hone in on talent from across the country… and indeed the continent!

We’ll be looking for our inaugural performers at this years Take The Stage competitions. So if you're looking for an agency who puts their performers first, who actively want to know their performers on a personal level and who is genuinely interested in progression of a performers career then apply now to become one of Take The Stage inaugural performers and let us send your career into the stratosphere.


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