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When creating an account on our registration system Dance Comp Genie studio owners and parents agree to all the rules and regulations listed below including registration deadlines, time limits, refund and our late fee policy.

  • Entries
    There is a limit of 3 solos per person, each solos MUST be a different genre. Solo entries are not allowed to compete against themselves in the same category. We reserve the right to limit solos to two (2) per dancer, depending on the venue capability and space. Solo – Single Performer Time Limit – 2:00 minutes Competitive Soloists are limited to entering a maximum of three (3) solo performance categories and may not compete against themselves in any category. Duet/Trio – 2-3 Performers Time Limit – 2:30 minutes No duet/trio may compete against themselves in the same performance category with the same performers. Small Group – 4-9 Performers Time Limit – 3:00 minutes Large Group – 10+ Performers Time Limit – 4:00 minutes Production - 20+ Performers Time Limit – 5:00 minutes A production is any routine with at least 20 participants that conveys a story and should include entrances, exits, costume changes with a Broadway / West End production quality
  • Ages
    Mini- 8 and Under Junior - 9-11 Teen - 12-14 Senior - 15-17 Adult - 18+ ​Age is determined by how old you are on the 1st September 2022. Duo/Trio age is determined by the oldest dancer. Group ages are determined by the average age of the dancers. Any protests regarding age must be brought to the attention of Take The Stage within 30 minutes of the number being performed. Any disputes raised after this will not be submitted. If a protest arises, all competitors must be prepared to present proof of age within 30 minutes of a dispute being raised on the day of the competition of may be disqualified.
  • Categories
    Acro & Cheerleading – A routine that contains primarily gymnastic tricks, including, but not limited to walkover, front/back limbers, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, etc. There should be a blend of gymnastics and dance together. If cheerleading the routine should have a combination of strong, sharp movements, vocal cheering and dance. May contain up to 50% acro/gymnastics.. Ballet – A routine consisting of classical steps & ballet technique. Ballet shoes must be worn. Contemporary – A routine that combines both lyrical and modern movements. Commercial / Hip Hop / Street – A dance that consists of the latest street dance styles, as seen in current dance videos. Jazz – A routine that utilises jazz technique such as splits, isolation, leaps, etc. Lyrical – A routine that is performed to the lyrics or mood of the music. Musical Theatre – A routine performed to the music from a stage or film musical. Open – A routine that is a combination of any of the other categories; a routine that does not exactly fit any of the definitions of any other category. Tap – A routine utilising tap technique and must be performed with tap shoes only. DEDUCTIONS Use of acrobatic/gymnastic elements (unless in Acro/Cheer OR Open sections) Two or more acrobatic/gymnastic elements in Commercial Category Inappropriate costume Tripping or falling Accidents falls of props or clothing Inappropriate choreography for an age group Wrong age category (This will be brought to the attention of the studio within 30 minutes after routine) Wrong level (This will be brought to the attention of the studio within 30 minutes after routine) Late arrival to stage Throwing items into the audience Inappropriate music or language Routine length
  • Level
    Level Guidelines The following guidelines are suggestions to be used in determining the appropriate level placement of each competitor. Because no competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced, it is left to the teachers' own sound judgement when entering level placement for their students. Novice Level: Take The Stage wants to encourage all dancers to compete at a competitive level, however we understand that newer dancers or less experienced competitive dancers may still wish to perform. For these dancers we have our novice level. Novice competitors will not get awards in their category, and are not eligible for any additional awards. All novice competitors will be entered into an overall age category and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be given to the highest scoring novice from that age group. A token award / medal will be given for 1st place in their category. Dancers may only be considered ‘novice’ dancers if the dancer receives under 5 hours of training a week and has only been competing for 1 years, or, if a dancer receives over 5 hours of training a week and this is their very first competition. You do not have to enter as a novice, even if you fall under this guidance. We actively encourage you to join a competitive level even if this is your first competition, to push yourself against more experienced dancers. Dancers who have previously won 1st place at Take The Stage cannot compete again in a novice category. Novice Age Groups & Placement A maximum of three awards will be given for each age group. Mini Novice - 1st 2nd & 3rd Place Junior Novice - 1st 2nd & 3rd Place Tenn Novice - 1st 2nd & 3rd Place Senior Novice - 1st 2nd & 3rd Place Adult Novice - 1st 2nd & 3rd Place Competitive Level: This level is for competitive dancers who have experience of competing and/or receive over 5 hours of training a week. Entries in this level are eligible for all full competition awards such as overall awards and title awards. Large/Small Groups and Duet/Trios – The highest level of dancer in a routine will determine the level of the routine. Example: One competitive dancer and 8 novice dancers will determine the routine to be in the competitive level. If we determine that a dancer has been put into the novice level and they are competing at a competitive level we will move their level, at which point they will become eligible for the full competition awards. This will not be done without talking to the dancer and their teacher/chaperone first.
  • Registration
    We accept independent and studio registrations. All independant entries must perform at least three times either as a solo or in a group (all members of the group must also be independant entries and not be part of another school performing at that competition. Everyone in the group must also perform at least three times during the competition). Dancers cannot compete as an independent entry if their studio is registered for that location unless we receive authorisation from the studio director. In order to register a non refundable deposit is required. Registrations without a deposit will be deleted from the system within 48hrs to allow other studios to enter. When registration is completed you will receive your registration summary which will include your dancers names, entry name, category and level. Please let us know within 72 hours if any changes need to be made. Any changes that need to be made after this time will incur a £10 per routine admin fee. Full payment is required 5 weeks (35 days) prior to the event, after this date a late fee charge of £10 will be added to each routine. Registrations must be paid IN FULL before the payment deadline. If you do not pay by the payment deadline you will be charged a late fee. Take The Stage reserves the right to give away your space if you fail to pay before the payment deadline. If the competition is full, the registration will be closed regardless of the date. At this point any unpaid routines will be given 72 hour to pay otherwise you will NOT be allowed to compete and your spaces will be offered to our waiting list and your deposit will not be refunded. All payments are to be made through our DanceComp Genie registration system we do not accept bank transfers. If you need to cancel or delete a routine that has been entered on to the online registration system you will be charged a £10/per entry administration fee and will not be refunded the cost of the deposit. For every entry entered that doesn’t compete on our system, there will be a £10 admin fee per routine, this will also occur for every school that pulls out and does not compete, this fee will be added onto your account and will need to be paid before entering any future competitions with Take The Stage. So if you are unsure of dates or students availability, do not enter until you can confirm. There are no hidden fees within the registration process, we do not have membership fees or dancer participation fees. *Deposit payments and competition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Early Bird
    In order to receive our Early Bird discount, all entries must be submitted online through Dance Comp Genie and paid IN FULL twelve weeks prior to the competition start date, please check the website for early bird deadlines.
  • Late Fees
    Once registration closes any changes will incur a £10 admin fee per entry change, changes include routine name, dancer name, adding and removing routines or dancers, music changes these changes must be communicated via email. No exceptions will be made. Late entries will be accepted after the 30 day registration deadline but are subject to an additional £15 per entry until the competition has been sold out. Please upload all music through the DanceComp Genie account two weeks (14 Days) prior to the competition, failure to do so will result in a £15 late administration fee. All fees will be added onto your dance comp genie account and will need to be paid before entering any future competitions with Take The Stage. So if you are unsure of dates or students availability, do not enter until you can confirm.
  • Competition Changes
    Take The stage reserves the right to add or reduce competition days or move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances. Any change in competition days and/ or times is at the sole discretion of Take The Stage. In the event of a third party cancellation that is out of our control (i.e. a venue gets flooded or becomes unsafe to use) all routines are transferable to an alternate venue, date or competition location either this season or following seasons. In this case, no refunds will be made
  • Scheduling
    A schedule will be created once registration has closed and all entries have paid. The schedule will show your entry number and time allocated to compete. We will not be able to issue you with this information prior to the schedule being issued. All entries must look over their entry summary which will be sent when full payment has been made and submit any corrections. A correction is defined as something that has incorrect spelling or an incorrect genre assigned to it. Any further changes that need to be made (such as a routine name change, adding or removing dancers, changing music e.t.c) must be submitted via email within 3 days of receiving your entry summary. No changes will be made to the schedule. Please be aware that we are unable to change the allocated slots or performance times, if a dancer is not given enough time to change between performances please inform our backstage manager on the morning of the competition as these will not be changed once the schedule has been sent out. During two day competition you may be assigned either day to perform and cannot specify which day you would like due to the nature of the way we schedule our competitions to provide a show like atmosphere for all. Once the final schedule has been sent out no changes can be made. We reserve the right to alter/amend the programme at any time. We reserve the right to change the venue if the need arises, no refunds will be made.
  • Music
    WE DO NOT ACCEPT MUSIC LESS THAN 14 DAYS PRIOR TO or ON THE DAY OF COMPETITION. All music must be provided and uploaded online by the stated time. No music will be accepted on the day. Please ensure when uploading your music that the information is entered correctly, this will ensure that you will be entered into the correct category. NO exceptions will be made for music that is over the time limit (this includes any ‘fade in’ or ‘fade out’ in the music) Music that runs over the time limit will stop automatically. Extra time can be purchased for £5 for an additional 1 minute. All music must be entered into your registration page no later than two weeks before the competition. Failure to do so may result in the act not being able to perform. Any requested changes to music must be submitted by email at least 1 week prior to the competition and will incur a £15 admin fee. It is required to bring a backup of music for all entries on a USB, we do not accept mobile phones, laptops or iPads. Solo: 2:00 mins Duo / Tiro: 2:30 mins Small Group: 3:00 mins Large Group: 4:00 mins Production 5:00 mins EXTENDED TIMES: Solos, Duet/Trios, Groups & Lines may purchase an extended time at £5/per 1 minute Please ensure entries are stage appropriate and do NOT contain explicit or inappropriate content. Any explicit content will incur deductions in points.
  • Behaviour
    ​Sportsmanlike behaviour is expected at all times, failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification. Spectators/audience members are expected to treat all competitors with respect. ALL competitors are the sole responsibility of their dance school/ studio, Take The Stage is NOT responsible for any competitor. ALL entrants under the age of 16 must be chaperoned by a nominated adult at any competition run by Take The Stage. The chaperones will be accountable for the behaviour and welfare of minors at all our events. ​
  • Teacher/Guardian Conduct
    Only one teacher/chaperone per performance is allowed into the backstage area. Filming of other dance schools will lead to your school being disqualified and unable to attend any future events. We reserve the right to delete the video footage. It is your responsibility to inform your contestants and parents of these rule. Failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification and unable to attend any future events. This includes attempting to recruit students from other studios to attend yours at one of our events. Teachers cannot participate in any performance
  • Audience, Dancers & Teacher Theatre Etiquette
    Spectator wristbands can be purchased prior to the competition at our 20% discounted price of £12 via our website. Spectator tickets are also available on the door at £15. Studios will receive 2 free wristbands. Any audience members dancers and teachers found to be making insulting or derogatory comments about other schools or dancers will be removed from the audience and their dancer/school may be disqualified. PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO RECORDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Take the Stage provides a professional independent photographer at all locations where photos can be purchased directly via them after the competition. No outside alcohol is allowed or permitted into the theatre in any areas unless purchased from the venue.
  • Dressing Rooms
    Every venue is different and we try to accommodate changing areas fairly to all studios. You will be allocated your designated dressing room at registration. You may have to share your changing area, please understand sometimes it is totally out of our control and we expect you to treat all dancers in a shared space with respect. Any unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in disqualification. Only two teachers and nominated chaperone per dance school allowed in all backstage areas and dressing rooms. ​Sportsmanlike behaviour is expected at all times, failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification. Dancers Chaperones & Teachers are expected to treat all competitors with respect and refrain from making unnecessary noise or movement during performances, however once performances are complete cheering and encouragement are very welcome. ALL competitors are the sole responsibility of their dance school/ studio, Take The Stage is NOT responsible for any competitor. ALL entrants under the age of 16 must be chaperoned by a nominated adult at any competition run by Take The Stage. The chaperones will be accountable for the behaviour and welfare of minors at all our events. ​ Please respect other dancers in shared spaces.
  • On site registration
    All competitors must present themselves at the registration desk upon arrival to the competition to be signed in and receive their dancer wristband which must be kept on throughout the day with no exceptions. Dancers without a wristband will result in the competitor unable to compete. Please be aware if your student is not competing they will be charged a spectator fee to enter the venue
  • On the Day
    Take the stage has a track record for our competitions running ahead of schedule. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you are registered into the venue at least 1 hour before your performance (this does not apply to the first hour of competitors) no responsibility will be taken by Take The Stage for missed performances and you will not be able to compete. Doors open 30 minuets before the competition starts entries 1-30 will be registered separately. All competitors will receive two calls from our backstage manager, please make sure you are backstage at least five songs before your allocated performance time. If a competitor is not backstage at their allocated performance time they will forfeit their space and will not be able to perform. YOU NEED TO CHECK IN WITHT THE BACKSTAGE MANAGER WHEN YOU ARRIVE BACKSTAGE The entree number in which each routine is assigned is for reference and identification purposes. Routines will perform in numerical order. If the backstage manager sees potential delays due to costume changes, you may be asked to compete out of sequence. Please be prepared to compete when we call your number, even though it may be a few numbers earlier or later than you anticipated. **NOTE** If you determine that you do not have enough time between numbers to change costumes, it is imperative that you advise the backstage manager at the beginning of the competition day. If the backstage manager has not been notified of any problem, and you are not ready to compete when called, your routine may not be able to perform. A full days schedule will be available in our programme, your school will be sent a electronic schedule of your studios entries and times. We will not be providing to teachers a printed copy on the day. Programs will be available to purchase on the day, this will also include workshop times and our other event information. Please be aware dressing rooms may vary in the amount available and size and will all depend on the venue, we will try our hardest to accommodate decent dressing room space for all competitors, please only use the dressing rooms for changing, hair and make up, once you are ready please make your way to the auditorium where you can support your fellow competitor. You may share a dressing room with other studios, your dressing room will be allocated to you at registration. Photography will be taken throughout the day which can be purchased after the competition. Please do not walk in front of our photographer or the judges table while a routine is being performed. Special stage or house lighting will NOT be provided or changed for any performances. Before the award ceremony there will be a 20 minute scheduled round up time where all dressing rooms are expected to be clear as these will be locked before our award ceremony. Any damage made by your school will be invoiced to you. No food, snacks or beverages are allowed backstage, on stage, apart from water. This includes during the award ceremonies. NO SMOKING is permitted in any of our venues. No outside alcohol is allowed or permitted into the theatre in any areas unless purchased from the venue. Trophies can be purchased on the day for £15 please be aware there is a limited amount and will run on a first come first serve basis. Please note that every venue is unique and has its own set of rules concerning outside food and beverages, we will try to make these known beforehand but be aware that it can change at last minute. Some venues require us to perform bag checks before you enter. Please work with us on this to make it as swift as possible. Take The Stage and the hosting venue are not responsible for personal injury or property loss.
  • Judges
    The pannel will include at least three judges who specialise in different dance styles. All decisions of the judges are final. Communication with the judges during the competition is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  • Critique
    Feedback is a valuable part of our dance competitions, allowing industry professionals to give their comments live to every dancer. Every entry at Take The Stage will receive individual audio feedback sent to the Studio Director, which gives dancers recognition of the areas that they performed well and vital tips on how to improve in the future. Giving professional critiques to work on and high standard tips on how to make your routine stand out!
  • Scoring
    Scoring is set at 100 points per judge totalling 300 points. Technique 25 points Musicality 25 points Performance 25 points Choreography 25 Points Placement Bronze - 200 to 229 points Silver - 230 to 269 points Gold - 270 to 289 points Platinum - 290 to 300 points Please be aware our scoring is tough, we really don't want dancers to be offended if they receive a low score when they first start competing with Take The Stage, this should be a goal to receive a higher score at our finals or next season. Our platinum placement is not offered lightly, platinum awards will be given to dancers who are outstanding.
  • Deductions & Disqualifications
    Any dance or dancer found to be in the wrong section will be removed and disqualified. Music used must be age appropriate with NO explicit language. There will be no music for bows. Time limits are strictly enforced. If music is over the stated time limit, music will stopped and a 2-point deduction will be taken from the competitor. Any group found to have more dancers than on their entry forms will be disqualified immediately. Deductions will include but are not limited to the below: Use of 3 or more acrobatic/gymnastic elements (unless in Acro/Cheer section) Inappropriate costume Tripping or falling Accidents falls of props or clothing Inappropriate choreography for an age group Wrong age category (This will be brought to the attention of the studio within 30 minutes after routine) Wrong level (This will be brought to the attention of the studio within 30 minutes after routine) Late arrival to stage Throwing items into the audience Inappropriate music or language Routine length
  • Props
    No dangerous props may be used such as sharp objects, flames, liquids etc. General props and gymnastics mats are allowed. All props must be placed within 30 seconds. Please ensure all props are kept backstage and not in the dressing room (please speak to our backstage manager to ensure there is efficient space, if not they will need be to be kept elsewhere at your own risk) are labelled with School/Studio name for identification purposes. No form of liquids (including water), gels, aerosols, glitter, or confetti, etc. which may affect the stage surface, may be used during a routine. No additional sound equipment, lighting equipment or microphones may be used or connected to the Take The Stage sound system.
  • Awards
    All participants will receive a Take The Stage medal at the begging of the award ceremony. We award 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies in our competitive category which is broken down by age, style and number of competitors. Novice competitors will receive a medal and 1st place rosette. Additional Awards Stop The Show Spectacular - Golden Buzzer, each judge has one each (Novice & Competitive) Take The Stage Ultimate Dance Challenge - This is a brand new addition to our 22/23 season (Competitive only) Highest Overall Routine - Per Age Category (Competitive only) Highest Overall Top 3 Soloists - of the day. (Competitive only) Judges Choice Award - Each judges favourite routine or solo of the day (Competitive only) Stand Out Dancer Award - The dancer who has performed the best throughout the day, including in group routines and workshops. (Competitive only) Title Awards (Competitive only) Wow Awards - For an emerging dancer (Novice & Competitive) Studio Award - The best studio backstage cohen by the Backstage Manager Choreography Award - Chosen by judges for the best choreography of the day (Competitive only) Scholarships - Knockout Workshops Please Note - If there is only one entry in a division, a 1st place trophy will be awarded if the performer receives a gold or higher. If there are 2 or more entries in a category, a competitive first place award will be presented to the entry with the highest score. Any routine receiving a score of 270 or higher are eligible for the National Championships.
  • Title Awards
    Title Awards cost £10pp and can be made at the time of registration. You may also enter a title award on the day of the competition for a fee of £15. All title award entrees must be competitive and register. Please ensure entries are age appropriate and do NOT contain explicit or inappropriate content. At finals you may only enter the Title division in the same category as the regionals. You have to enter a Title at one Regional events to be eligible to enter Title at the finals. You can enter a maximum of three times and are for competitive solo performances only. TITLE AGES Mini Mr. and Mini Miss Take The Stage (Ages 8 and Under) Junior Mr. Take The Stage and Junior Miss Take The Stage (Ages 9-11) Teen Mr. Take The Stage and Teen Miss Take The Stage (Ages 12-14) Senior Mr. Take The Stage and Senior Miss Take The Stage (Ages 15-17) Mr. Take The Stage and Miss Take The Stage (Ages 18+)
  • Golden Buzzer
    Throughout each regional competition each judge is given a Golden Buzzer totalling three golden buzzers per competition which will put your routine on the Golden Buzzer Leader board which can be found here All golden buzzers will automatically get through to the finals. The top 12 highest scoring golden buzzers throughout the regional competitions will compete at our finals during our Golden Dancers 2023 Showdown which will be judged by our three judges at the finals. The winner will be awarded Golden Dancer 2023 and will also win a cash prize of £1,500 Cash Prizes are awarded to the Dance Studio for all duo/trio & group dances. Solos will be awarded to the dancer for further dance training. We reserve the right to reduce cash amounts or award Gift Certificates in lieu of cash prizes.
  • Take The Stage Ultimate Dance Challenge
    Take The Stage Ultimate Dance Challenge is something we recommend to all our competitive dancers who are looking to take dance further. How it works Dancers will compete against each in either Take The Stage 12 and under Ultimate Dancer or Take The Stage 13 and over Ultimate Dancer The Judges will score each dancer on the following Technique Musicality Choreogrtpahy Pick Up Improvisation. Dancers will perform the following with a maximum of 8 dancers at a time. They will be asked to demonstrate 3 technical exercises in front of our panel of judges. They will be taught a quick short sequence which they will have to perform in front of our panel of judges. They will have to improvise two different styles to two different songs which will be selected at random in front of our panel of judges. The Take The Stage Ultimate Dancer will be announced during our award ceremony. ATTIRE Contestants MUST wear black, form-fitting dance apparel (NO Costumes). Hair must be pulled back away from face. No socks may be worn unless they are worn with shoes. Shoes are optional (foot thongs must be worn on both feet).
  • Photography & Videography
    Take The Stage will use video & photograph taken throughout the competitions for promotional purposes. All rights to promotional material is reserved to Take The Stage. All photographs and or videos can be used for local and/ or national television and/ or promotional material If a participant cannot be filmed or photographed please let the Take The Stage team know as soon as you arrive at the venue so allowances can be made
  • Proof of age
    All performers are required to have proof of ages on hand. Failure to provide proof of age when challenged will result in disqualification of that routine.
  • Protests
    A protest may only be initiated by a Studio Director/Teacher. It must be signed and submitted in writing to the director of the show within 30 minutes of the incident involved. Protests may not be submitted after an awards ceremony.
  • Liability & Insurance
    Take The Stage are not responsible for any injury sustained whilst at our events. You acknowledge that you are visiting at your own risk. Take The Stage are not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal property during our live events. The organisers, staff or representatives of Take The Stage are not responsible for any claims for damages, loss or injuries sustained while taking part in any activity related to Take The Stage competition. All schools must have their own liability insurance. All schools/studios are responsible for their dancers and parent’s behaviour. Anyone failing to follow rules of Take The Stage or causing a disturbance will be asked to leave the competition and will not receive a refund. We hold a zero tolerance of verbal abuse to any staff members of Take The Stage. Any problems found within Take The Stage please report to the front desk reception staff, please do not approach the judges table. Please note some councils may require children who perform more than three times in six months to have a child performance licence. Please contact your local council for more information all entrants under the age of 16 must be chaperoned.
  • Technical Difficulties
    In the event of a technical difficulty, Take The Stage will endeavour to do everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible. By attending our event you acknowledge that technical difficulties may occur and that they arise through no fault of Take The Stage. Take The Stage will not provide a refund in the event of a technical difficulty arising. If a technical fault happens during your performance we will endeavour you allow you to perform again however this may not always be possible and no refund or reimbursement will be given.
  • GDPR
    Take The Stage reserves the right to communicate with you using the email provided in the registration system. By entering your email address into Dance Genie and purchases from Take The Stage website, you hereby agree to join Take The Stage mailing list. Take The Stage will not pass your email on to any third company.
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