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Dance Competition in Hertfordshire


11th June 2022

Campus West.jpg

Campus West
Welwyn Garden City England

What are the TAKE THE STAGE Grand Finals?

The TAKE THE STAGE Grand Finals are one of the biggest dance events of the year. Taking place at the end of the regional tour, the finals see qualifying dancers and their studios compete for national titles in one of the UK's premier venues.

How do you qualify for the Finals?

The TTS 2021/2022 season has so far seen over 1,000 dancers taking to the stage! To qualify for the TAKE THE STAGE Grand Finals, dancers must have achieved a score of over 245 for their routine when performed at a regional heat.


For 2022, the qualifying regional heats were;

-Millfield, London England Regional

-Leatherhead, South East England Regional

-Bath, South West England Regional

-Dublin, Ireland Regional

-Dunfermline, Scotland Regional

What else can I expect?

Aside from the opportunity to perform in front of 3 industry professional judges and an awesome audience in the grand finals competition, there will also be plenty to keep you busy when you're not onstage! We will be hosting 4 'Dance For Your Life' workshops throughout the day with some of the best choreographers in the business and we also hope to be welcoming some top dance brands to exhibit their amazing products. And of course there'll be plenty of photo opportunities for you to capture on camera!

Meet your 3 Industry professional judges for the Grand Finals!

Judge Silhouette.jpg

JUDGE 1 Will Be revealed shortly

Judge Silhouette.jpg

JUDGE 2 Will Be revealed shortly

Judge Silhouette.jpg

JUDGE 3 Will Be revealed shortly

Book your TTS Grand Finals 'Dance For Your Life' Workshops!

Grab your 'Dance for your Life' workshop tickets on the door, priced £15

Don't forget to purchase your TAKE THE STAGE Grand Finals spectators tickets

To access the auditorium, all spectators will need to purchase 1 ticket for each day they are attending. These are available on the door, priced £15

Check if you're through.... 

Routines must achieve a score of 245+ at a TTS regional event to qualify for the GRAND FINALS - not sure if that is you?

Check out our complete list of qualifying routines and studios here


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