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TAKE THE STAGE is an American style dance competition, founded by Aaron dwyer in 2021. By opening a dance competition of this nature in the UK, Aaron’s aim was to revitalise our current competition system with fresh ideas and processes. TAKE THE STAGE is designed by dancers, run by dancers, for dancers. Every member of the team has vast performing experience, making TAKE THE STAGE tailored towards the new dancers of today and tomorrow.


Aaron launched TAKE THE STAGE after 15 years of teaching and with the purpose of bringing his philosophy of “you can’t learn everything in a studio” to the performers of today. Aaron and the team uphold the principle that there is much more you need to learn to prepare yourself for the industry - beyond “just” dancing. The best way to learn these extra skills is out of the studio, in fun and high intensity environments. This will include mentally preparing yourself for shows and/or competitions, having adrenaline and nerves to acknowledge and overcome, learning backstage etiquette, quick costume changes, time management, and very importantly - the sportsmanship that comes hand in hand with learning how to deal with wins and losses, whilst showing support to your fellow teammates and competitors. Even the experience of performing in front of an audience is invaluable. These are lessons that not only apply to the arts, but across all industries. The skills learned at TAKE THE STAGE are versatile; self-discipline, presentation, punctuality, team work, working under pressure and then the opportunity to see that hard work pay off. We aim to create the next generation of not only talented performers, but versatile and hard working company members.


We have unique aspects to our competition that add to the experience and overall quality of the company. Our recorded audio and visual feedback is an innovative way of giving clear and useful notes to our dancers, and having that feedback from industry professional judges enhances the vitality of the event.


Finally, the TAKE THE STAGE agency opening this year is a new addition to the competition, giving the us the opportunity to help start the careers of the performers who join us on the TTS journey. 


Thank you to everyone who has competed with us in our early days, we look forward to seeing you grow alongside us into next season. #takethestage #grandfinals

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